Tuesday, September 04, 2007

weekend review: taking it to the east side

Ever have a weekend that might have been too good? One you can't quite put all down in a post with many details you outright shouldn't? A trip from which you just have no desire whatsoever to return to reality? Where you'd like to just have conveniently lost that return Amtrak ticket somewhere on the subway platform? Oh so tempting... yeah, you get my point here...

So I was thankful that my last minute planning at least was as early as morning of, as I waited in the huge snaking line coiled around Union Station. I was trying to get something to eat when I noticed the mob of people and decided to nix that. Managed to miss priority boarding - man, gimp benefit definitely foregone there. Oh well. Trip up was uneventful though, thankfully. I'd texted Tam (to make sure I had a place to stay) as well as Bama to see if he was up for an East Village meet-up as we'd discussed at the reunion a few weeks back. Specific details? All TBD.

I did quickly learn what I do prefer about DC's subway system over NYC's -- the beautiful and plentiful escalators. A NYC staple? Not so much. I did make friends with some nice fellow passengers, one a hippie who helped by carrying the back portion of the suitcase and another who just grabbed my suitcase and took it up to the top of the stairs (and, thankfully, did not keep on running clear on out!).

The plan was low-key. By the time I made it to Tam's it was close to 11:30. We sat for a bit and chatted. Around midnight, a text came in from Bama (who went to UA and I'll go with Bam here for the sake of simplicity) to see what was up. Tam and I had talked about hitting a nearby bar, low-key, so that was the plan. We wandered over to Sidewalk, which was pretty quiet when we got there. Before too long, Bam was there with his friend. From there, we headed to Bam's where we ended up watching a couple of episodes of Flight of the Conchords (the magical bling bling...). Amusing - how many new shows I have missed. Somehow, the low-key evening managed to close out closer to 6AM. But then again, if history is any sort of indication, no surprises there.

Saturday Tam and I hit 7A again for brunch and shopped in SoHo. I found some comfy flats that weren't too too granny-esque and we ended up doing dinner at Brick Lane Curry House. We felt very guilty when the server proudly brought out rice pudding along with the desserts we actually ordered. We got it to go hoping to find someone on the street to give it to. Sadly, I think it's still chillin' in Tam's fridge.

After some power napping, we headed over to try another karaoke spot recommended by Bam, Planet Rose. The decor and set up was perfect for karaoke. Loved the big plush zebra print couches. And the workers were much more personable than those we'd found at Sing, Sing during my last East Village excursion. There was a birthday party there which made the place more crowded and meant there was random candy strewn all about the place. Interesting. Tam did Amy Winehouse, I attempted a little Joss Stone, and Bam stayed out even though tired to bring down the house with some Lisa Loeb - too funny.

Sunday we mixed up our brunching options, branching out to check-out Essex. Tip would be to opt for reservations (Tam and I weren't aware here). From there, we were off to Coney Island. I'd never been and wanted to check it out before some things began to close. The Cyclone at Astroland seriously scared me - and I love roller coasters and they don't usually freak me out. This one? Exception. The aquarium wasn't half-bad, especially the sea lion show.

To amuse ourselves, we opted to check out the sideshow. It was a riot. Sword swallowing... a contortionist... guy hammering nail into his head... wolf man... man swallowing fire... and, of course the favorite - Serpentina. Her act was a semi-suggestive dance with a 15 foot white python, a dance which was heavily enjoyed by the audience member who appeared to have made mannnny a trip to the Freak Bar at the entrance. At any moment possible, he would let loose with a loud "Serpintiiiiiina!". At first it was a tad obnoxious, but it became increasingly amusing as her act continued.

Sunday evening we had reservations at Balthazar, sister restaurant to Pastis. It was quite good - everything we had, from the bread to my main course to the dessert, was superb. The plan was to try to do something afterwards but after returning back to Tam's place, I was crashed out on the futon within no time.

With a 3pm train back, there wasn't much time to do anything on Monday. A quick brunch at Sidewalk, a brief adieu, and before I knew it, I found myself back on the platform at Penn Station, headed back out once more.

See, the funny thing about stepping out and letting loose of what you view as your true self is you sometimes find yourself with ultimately more of who you are in the end. So I'm glad I made the change to head up for the long weekend. All those parties I was planning on going to and opted out of? Apologies for missing, but what a weekend.

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  • I've wanted to go to Coney Island for years but everyone says it's a bad neighborhood. Nice to see you had fun there.

    By Blogger brownpau, At September 04, 2007  

  • You should check it out! Not sure why the comment on the safety, but we were there during the day and definitely saw no need for concern. Fun place to visit, if only once.

    By Blogger LJ, At September 05, 2007  

  • You're friend has a different look from you, but still very pretty too. Glad you enjoyed my hometown, you bridge & tunnel person, you :P

    Btw, about your Mac vs. PC comment, I was talking to a friend this weekend who just got a Mac and she said she finally made the switch b/c all the new PC programs will run on Vista and MS is not supporting anything on Windows anymore. So the main reason for her to stay PC (she still has the old software and didn't want to buy new ones) is gone.

    By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, At September 05, 2007  

  • Haha, my "friend" is my sister. We're practically twins, right? ;-) I know - I've been raiding your hometown right and left.

    Thanks for the feedback on the Mac v. PC dilema. I think I'm going Mac. And I hear once you go Mac, you don't go back! I hear though that it's far superior for graphics editing so with the photography, figure it's worth a try. I'm still a bit nervous though haha and waiting for the new O/S they're releasing October 1. Hope the laptop keeps on tickin' until then...

    By Blogger LJ, At September 05, 2007  

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