Saturday, December 31, 2005

4 hours away...

Wow -- doesn't feel like another year's flown by. Even harder to believe I've been here in DC now for over nine months. Feels like only yesterday, but then again I really feel at home. That's always a good thing.

It's nice to wrap up a year feeling like you've accomplished something or that things are in a good place. It's been a busy year. I managed to finish up my MBA and I started a new job I really like. I finally am in a photography program, something I've dreamed of doing since ... gosh ... who knows when! I'm so thankful to have met so many great people in the area. I think it's hard to believe I haven't been here longer when I'm surrounded by so many good friends. I've also been able to see family & friends so much over the holidays that I truly just feel so blessed. No complaints from me for 2005.

So this year I said I was going to really do the New Year's resolution thing. I usually come up with some but, as I think is the norm for most people, they usually get forgotten. Maybe posting it somewhere like this will make me more accountable? Sounds like worth a shot! Hmmm well I don't think that one's list should be completely public, so I'll share a few...

- Cook more at home (combined with learning to cook more, period!)
- Finish my photography program on schedule in September
- Make it out to visit friends in Cali finally
- Finally visit some of the battlefields around DC

Hope everyone has a great New Year's (and a safe one). All the best to you guys in 2006. Hope to get to see those of you farther away soon in the new year! I'm hoping 2006 is as much of a positive experience as 2005 has been for me.


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