Tuesday, December 19, 2006

georgia's on my mind

Today my boss took me out for a Christmas lunch. I thought that was such a sweet gesture. She took me out to lunch one other time, as a way to get a chance to talk more out of the office setting. It's nice to have a reason to get out of the office. And what better place celebrate Christmas than Georgia Brown's, a little slice of the South. Mmmmm... not 100% Southern cooking perhaps, having a bit more Carolina influence, but it's mighty mighty fine. Any meal that begins with cornbread and biscuits can't veer too far off course... especially when it's rounded out with a finale of the best peach cobbler I think I've had yet.

As tiring as last week was with all the different places to be, the empty columns in my planners have been a welcomed change. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely picked up the slack on other fronts... staying later in the office to catch up ('tis our busy season still in the midst of other seasons...), wrapping presents, cleaning for the familial visit looming rond the bend, and - of course - a bit o' Christmas baking.

Tonight I made my annual Christmas contribution - white chocolate covered pretzels. Perfect balance of salty and sweet. This year's didn't disappoint... over a couple of episodes of House I was able to knock out around a pound and a half worth of pretzels. Not too shabby!

And now, somehow, I find myself looking at the clock and it's 11:20PM. I think I definitely missed my goal of being in bed by 10. Oooops. Maybe it's all the sugar from the left over chocolate (those reject broken pretzels need a home too), but I definitely lost track of time. Oh well... maybe tomorrow night?


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