Monday, December 04, 2006

random monday morning ramblings

Gator Bait!
How 'bout them Gators? I'm very pleased to see UF will be headed to the National Championship!! May this weekend's buck-eyes (buck-eye balls) be the only positive buckeye-related thing in our household!

Recycle much?

Today as I was walking out of the metro station, I was so sad to see the number of people who one by one chucked their own copies of the Express into the trash can -- a trash can located directly beside the recycling bin. C'mon! I'll admit to being one of those people in the morning who scurries by you on the metro, who just can't take it if someone is not respecting the stand to the right and walk to the left rule, and who can't wait for any possible expansion to the SmartTrip lane to more metro stations. However, I will take that extra two seconds to recycle my paper. Heck, I've even been known to scrounge through a co-worker's trash bin when I see that they've included in recyclable items, even when there's a recycling area in our kitchenette area. Why is it that people just can't be bothered to recycle?

Bill Assistance

The Express highlighted a pretty cool service today. It's called Buxfer. The website helps to figure out who owes who money for what. Pretty sweet. My roommates and I definitely have yet to get our settlement process down to an art, so this is a pretty appealing service.

Christmas Shopping 911

I think the holiday shopping blues have settled in though. I've been so wrapped up in all the holiday parties that I haven't been my usual focused self when it's come to shopping. Today on the metro I started to take a mental inventory of the very few select items I'd already purchased versus the mountain of purchases to be completed. Yikes. But have no fear... I just looked at Amazon, and Season 5 for Full House was just released. AND, you save when you order ALL 5 seasons at one time. Phew. Uncle Jessie, here I come ;)


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