Friday, December 01, 2006

not a goodbye girl

I hate goodbyes. I'm awful at them. Period. Any sort. And I don't know why that is. If I go out on a date, I'm always the one yammering on, extending out that awkward moment as we work towards parting ways.

I definitely don't like those goodbyes that are a little more permanent... whether it was parting with my parents when I was miserable my first year at college, saying farewell to friends as I've moved from location to location, or even that last connection of sorts with someone that you know, despite the best intentions in the world, you will likely never see or hear from again.

Today I met up with some friends as a send-off to Miss Mix... the soon to be MRS Mix. I think she's the first of my DC friends who will be making an exit since I joined the somewhat interlocking DC scene (here, I believe it's probably a 2-3 degree max, versus 6 degrees... and no Kevin Bacon). With a fiancee living in another city, she's off for a while but will hopefully move back. Sounds promising. And, either way, we've already got a "reunion" of sorts slated for late December. Hopefully that spa talk will come to fruition... that sounds pretty amazing 'round about now.

While it wasn't a sorrowful farewell (and how can it be, when it's simultaneously a celebration of an impending union? that's something you just have to celebrate), it was a reason to pause and bring friends back together.

It was also a reminder of that small twinge of pain that farewell brings. Even if just a slight ping. I'm a firm believer that it doesn't go away... that it shouldn't. You just learn to deal with it. I think there's certain things in life you may grow dull to, where the pain doesn't hurt. But there's certain pains you shouldn't lose. It's those types of pains that are proof that we haven't let the experiences of this world harden us. It's my goal and hope that life never takes me down to the point where I'm dull to that.

A toast to Miss soon-to-be Ms. Mix! May the District welcome you back shortly and may you find nothing but happiness in the road ahead.


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