Monday, November 06, 2006

i do not like green eggs and ham

Overall, it was a good weekend. It began on Friday with a Happy Hour Sarah and I organized. We had a great turnout and it was so nice to just chill with some friends after a long and pretty stressful week at work. As the group thinned out to mainly girls, we did have a younger group of guys decend like vultures. They were let's say a little less than socially suave. I loved that the Fashionista recognized one of them as a guy who always tries to pick up her friends at Mille n' Al's, and she called him on it. It was a riot. In a city the size of DC, it's refreshing to know that guys like that can begun to be recognized and called out on it. Perfect. We did get the randomest compliment of sorts from them... as they told us (proudly) that we were the "antithesis of bitches". Nice. Rico. Suave.

Our heat was still out on Friday, which made for a chilly end to Friday! It got into the 20's, and Sarah and I found ourselves shivering a bit. Saturday morning we'd had enough, and had to call again to say pleeeeeeeease send someone to fix our heat before we lose fingers, toes, and anything else to frost-bite! I thought it was a perfect time though to put my car to use for a well-needed (haha, if you saw my closet you'd say I'm using the term need here pretty loosely) trip to that oasis in the "burbs" - Tyson's Corner.

I was in pretty good spirits (albeit a bit chilly) until I walked up to my lovely new vehicle, adorned with two strategic eggs - one centered on the back window and one oh so nicely placed on the front left-hand door, clearly meant to be a lovely present for me. To add an ironic twist, let me reiterate how much I despise eggs. If it isn't in a cake or some other fashion where it's somewhat undetected, I can't deal. I hate the smell, the consistency, the taste... ewwwwww... and to find my car in a sticky, dried egg bath was not something that made my heart warm with joy. Let me just say for the record, the next time I have one of my hunches, I need to go check things out. I keep having these gut feelings and when I don't see what's up, I end up wishing I had. I kept feeling like last week I needed to go and check and make sure the car was ok, since I'm not used to the idea of having a vehicle that sits outside of my line of sight for a vast majority of the time. I decided I just needed to stop worrying last week, so I didn't go. Argh. I'm assuming it happened on Tuesday on Halloween. Kids. Lame. Do they have nothing better to do? Anyhow...

I decided that some stupid kids with no lives weren't going to rain on my much anticipated shopping spree of sorts to Tyson's Corner. The plan was to hit a few main spots and then head back home to (lame, lame) do some work. I was very excited to see the Mango store that had opened up WAS the store I loved so much from studying abroad in Spain. Man, watch out checking account -- this is going to be a blow. I didn't go too overboard, but I did come back with quite a few fun purchases. I was pretty pleased. It helped to make it a little less painful that I stayed in and worked on refining market matches for work (are you excited? I'm sure you guys think that sounds pretty thrilling!). I did watch some Grey's Anatomy though while I was getting the job done, which was nice.

Yesterday I went to church and then went out to Target (2x in one week - this is strange territory) to buy some weapons to anti-egg my car. The car wash I took it to on Sunday did a pretty good job, but there was egg all inside the door panels, so there was more work to be done. Yes, I was all scrunched under the car in the middle of Constitution Avenue. See, I am committed to my car! There's one spot where it erroded a little of the door panel. I'm going to have to take it in to see if they can do anything for it -- just want to make sure my brand new car doesn't start rusting. I'm trying to have a good attitude about it and remember there's lots of worse things that can happen, but it's still a major bummer.

And now it's Monday... another week begins... hmmmm and what lies ahead??


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