Tuesday, October 03, 2006

wwf music, autos, and halloween around the corner

I feel like I haven't posted here in ages... too much has been going on. I'll try to catch up. I've still yet to really post on ACL. Oh well! Anyhow, the weekend was good. I did a couple of volunteer activities with JLW. First was the National Book Festival down on the Mall. Not too bad, but it was pretty chilly in the morning and was raining, which made it a little rougher. I was working an info tent, rolling posters to distribute to the attendees. I did have a nice arena-side type view for the chaos surrounding these hideous C-SPAN bags. I thought there was going to be blood drawn. Crazy!

Sunday was the second one, which was my community experience. I helped out with putting on a dinner at the N Street Village. That was really neat. It's housing for women in transition. They have to be accepted into the program and are working to get their lives turned around. That night, there were several who were celebrating anniversaries for the length of time they'd been clean and sober. It was really special to be included in this group as they were so openly sharing about their lives. One was so excited and moved that she broke into song and dance about how she'd been blessed. It really made me think how easy it could be to make a decision that would throw off the track of your life. There are so many things we really do take for granted.

Is it really just Monday? Man, today felt long! It did help that I had some excellent music to make it through the day. I finally got around to listening to some more discs from the new Tori box set. Now I'm just patiently waiting for new tour dates to be announced (and saving my vacation days haha...).

I finally went and got my first round of groceries post-move. So happy they've actually opened a Trader Joe's in the District. I'm not the only one though. The line was insane. I'm hoping though that today's excursion is close to marking an end of an era. Hopefully, no more metro rides with groceries by my side. Can you say car, here I come? Should be two weeks (or less) and counting

Speaking of which, I'm headed out tomorrow to finalize the deal. Honestly, I feel like I'm 16 all over again! I'm excited though. I've decided on a
Honda Fit. Should prove to be small enough for a newbie to city driving like myself. Parallel street parking, here I come! I'm definitely going to get a crash course.

Yeah, so my roommates and I are looking forward to our first Halloween in an actual house! We've got some candy and are curious to see how many kids end up out and about for Halloween on the Hill. Should be fun. I guess first thing to do though is get everything organized and ready to go for our upcoming housewarming party. Only two weeks away now... she'll be ready though, purple door and all!


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