Friday, September 01, 2006

ernesto + moving - sleep = anxiety

Well, I'm sitting here in my echo-ey condo waiting patiently for our wonderful (hopefully) team from Moving USA to finally show their faces... I'm stop numero dos on our route to Capital Hill. Arlington to Dupont Circle to Capital Hill... we can do it girls! We won't let this crazy process turn us loca!

So I stopped packing at 3AM... which might explain why I'm a bit groggy/cranky and just plain ready to get this show on the road! All this dust is killing my allergies. Achooooo! I think I just made it though as far as packing supplies go. I went through all of my donated boxes (gracias to the Native!) and "recycled" boxes courtesy of my employer's services department (I think I know lots of them now --- we've bonded over the course of the last week or so!).

Oh yes... so back to Moving USA... they were supposed to arrive at Sassy and the DG's place between 8-9... still no appearance by them. We're not freaking out... yet, anyhow. I'm about to try to track down the caretaker here. I scheduled my move out and am a little bit anxious that the pads aren't hanging in our elevator. (Side note... it'll be bittersweet to say adios to the elevator. On one hand, the concept of an elevator is a wonderful thing and something not present in our 100 yr old + gem, but the elevator's bouncy stopping quality is something I won't be sad to see go). I hate to go rush them though to hang them up since it seems like it won't be anytime soon that they will need to be up. Ok... not that bad. But we were really wanting to get hopping on the move process, especially with Senor Ernesto nipping at our heels...

I have gotten the rare opportunity to watch some fine weekday AM TV. I can't remember the last time I watched GMA or Regis & Kelly. Gotta find that silver lining somehow, somewhere!

Ok, well I'm going to try to submit this in before I lose my totally secure wireless connection courtesy of some random neighbor. I might not surface again for a bit. I'm so internet dependent... I can already sense the twitches coming on. Stay dry all (and do some powerful anti-rain dances for our sake!)


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