Tuesday, July 18, 2006

magic of craigslist classifieds

So we've begun the long process of looking at places to move... after six years of living solo, I've decided I am so ready to go back to having people around. Once upon a time, it was such a foreign idea to live alone, especially after having lived in a sorority house with oh say twenty something other girls, but the need for the solitude and the desire has definitely passed. It's been fun looking at three bedroom townhomes and the like. Wish us luck -- I have a feeling it's only just beginning!

I'm hoping this week doesn't drag on like the week that will never end. It's my first full week in the office in a couple of weeks (first there was the 4th of July week and then I was out in NYC most of last week). It's Emily's last week in town, so we've got plans to do dinner tonight. And this week's the Sinatra Soiree as well. Looking forward to a reason to get all dressed up with someplace to go!

My portfolio class started last night. It's sort of the "capstone" program for the professional photography program I've been working on the past year. It's so exciting to think I'll have everything assembled in such a professional format for sharing. I love the online method of viewing as well, but I agree with our professor that there's something so striking about a great photo, in your hands. As pro-technology as I am, it just can't quite compare to the actual tangible photo.

I broke down last night and purchased the upgrade to Photoshop CS -- and it is a beauty! It gives you the capability to fix so many blemishes. I was up until after midnight working away on some additional Italy photos. That was before my lens and camera were cleaned, so I had some dust issues. Thankfully, CS helps to fix those. It's like magic Anyhow, I'm just so excited that I can still use those photos. They were some great ones!

Back to work I go... hope everyone's having a good one and staying cool. Man, it's getting hot outside!


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