Sunday, May 28, 2006

sweet home alabama

Well, I had a somewhat bumpy start to my vacation. I missed the MARC train I'd intended to take up to Baltimore (ooops) and then was 5 minutes too late to catch the bus from Greenbelt, my impromptu plan B. Thank goodness I decided to make a quick run to the ATM when picking up my foreign currency. I don't think the cabbie would take Euros or Swiss Francs... anyhow, smooth sailing from there.

Where the skies are so blue...

I've really enjoyed my AL stop-over en route to Rome! It's been a fun, relaxing start to what's basically my first real vacation in a year. I'm so excited! I even managed to finish reading the Da Vinci Code before my plane from Baltimore to Dallas ever left the ground. I went with my parents to see the movie today. Despite the mixed reviews I know it's been receiving, I thought it was good. There was soooo much to the book that it's unrealistic for people to think it could all be in the movie. So much of the book too hinges on the detailed descriptions of the thoughts of the different characters. I thought the movie took some interesting approaches to capture what Brown communicated in those portions of the book.

Side note -- what do you guys think on all the controversy surrounding the book? I saw at Barnes and Noble today there's a ton of books they've got grouped together on topics touching on things mentioned in the book ... the Priory, Opus Dei, etc. Sometimes I think people are just looking for something to make a big deal out of at every turn. I think people need to learn the difference in fact or fiction. Or even better yet, the central importance of faith in religion in general. Ok... enough on that.

I did get a good book though to take on the plane to read -- Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. Well, I guess I say "good" as a guestimate. I've only read the first say 10 pages of it (just to see, before I commit the space in my bag to it). It's definitely a "fluff" read in comparison to The Da Vinci Code, but I think it's in keeping with the vacation mode, so I don't feel like I should feel guilty for a light read.

Lord I'm coming home to you...

Monday we're off to Atlanta -- direct flight to Rome from there. I can't wait. I was telling my co-workers this past week that I feel like my response to any questions about my upcoming vacation has been like that of an excited young child who's learning they're going to Disneyworld for the first time. I refuse to be too shameful though. I just can't wait... lots to be seen and done... and, of course, lots of pictures to be taken!Hope all's well with you all... anyone have big & fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend??


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