Friday, February 17, 2006

no sleep 'til brooklyn

Ironically, I think it's when life kicks it up a notch and becomes a bit more challenging that we get our charge. Or at least I know I do. I find that as work gets crazier, classes get busier, and the like that I find myself feeling so energized -- right at the moment that my body feels the most drained. How does it always seem to work like that? I thought I'd gotten spoiled -- that I wouldn't be able to make the transition back to working the longer hours after getting used to coming home so early in the evening. But that's definitely not been the case. I guess I've sort of eased my way back in... first photo classes, then more activites, and then now work too. Anyhow, good to see I can still "hack it". Something's definitely to be said for taking the frustration of staring at tail-lights out of the end of the work day. I'll take a brisk stroll, iPod of course in hand, any day over being surrounded by crazy Miami residents on wheels. No thanks

I feel like I've gotten as much experience in 2 weeks of work as I have in an average month. My manager's moved on to a new position, which has meant lots of changes for me -- I've really been enjoying it (so if anyone at work happens to read it -- no, I don't mind that I've been spending lots of time in our lovely temporary office space!).

I'd planned on getting some good downtime this past weekend to make up for it all though - decompressing, doing lots of nothing and the like. Reality couldn't have been further from that - but I wouldn't trade it for one moment. I think breaking it down with the girls to Rockin' Dopsie Jr. was the highlight of the weekend. That and the fantastic authentic Cajun cuisine provided by my favorite LA/TX family to round out the evening (I can now say I know all about some fine crawfish boudin).

Well, now that I've let my laundry wrap up as my second episode from Grey's Anatomy just closed out (my Netflix subscription is back on -- can't wait to get to some of those indie films waiting in my 50 queue!), I'm going to head to bed to gear up for another weekend -- a super-sized one at that.


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