Sunday, January 22, 2006

spreadsheets + butter stick

Is tomorrow really Monday? I ended up having to work all weekend, which is definitely a first since moving to DC. However, according to one of my former co-workers, I'm earning my "stripes" in joining the compensation world (which, since I've been listening to more Johnny Cash post-Walk the Line made me start to hum "I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders... I got chains, chains around my feet"... I must say, my iPod on constant shuffle helped me to not mind the countless hours of staring at spreadsheets.. ahhhhh, sweet Excel...). So anyhow, I guess I can feel officially initiated into my "new" field.

My sister left out on Friday evening. She's been crashing on my futon the last month and a half or so. We'd been on her farewell tour of DC the past week or so, hitting all those favorite spots one more time. We even managed to get out to see the baby panda - we were so committed that we got up early in the morning and even stood out in the rain. Well worth it though! It's amazing in some ways... it's easy to look at all the recent hysteria surrounding the panda and say perhaps no big deal... but I have to admit, I had to pry my drenched self away to go to work. Something special.

But it's so strange to have my one bedroom back to myself again. My 600-615 square feet slice of DC has never felt so big or so empty. Funny how it takes an extended guest to make it feel so roomy. It's been so long since I have had a roommate, so it was good to see I can still do it! Tam and I might still be very different people, but it was lots of fun to have her around. I'm going to miss her. Chances are, we might not live in the same city again. It's still so weird to me to watch as family and friends move apart geographically... it always reminds me of the film Garden State. I think the concept presented in the film is so true. As the years go by, ones concept of what is really home does change. It's definitely much more about the people these days than about the house I lived in all my life up until leaving for college. Home really becomes an ever-evolving, moving target of sorts.

Well, back to Grey's Anatomy... one of the few television shows I really actually follow these days!


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