Wednesday, May 17, 2006

nobody said it was easy

I'm about to dive into two salary surveys (those of you who don't get what I do for my job surely think it's exciting now, right? but I do love it!). Woohoo it's hump day -- here's to hoping my teacher actually shows for class tonight.

The day's off to a fantastic start... the nice man at the coffee shop so knows me now. Nice to have a spot where amidst the sea of faces, you're remembered. Today he'd started my sugarfree vanilla skim chai before I had the chance to even reach for my wallet. Love that.

Doubt I'll have time to make time today, but perhaps tomorrow I'll get everything over to the Copyright Office. I've finally scanned all my pics in and am ready to start putting up my website and moving forward with the photography business. What an exciting place to be .

Now I'm just holding on for vacation. So close, I can smell the gelato, fresh pasta, and fantastic wine. And, of course, practically feel the Spanish Steps. Maybe I'll just be a professional traveler when I grow up...


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