Tuesday, May 16, 2006

belles & road tripin'

Well, I was supposed to have photo class tonight, but our teacher no-showed. On one hand, it was a nice surprise to have the unexpected downtime. It's put me here, sitting on my bed - crying, ummmm I mean relaxing, as I watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale. Good stuff. But on the other hand, soooooo could have used the extra time at work. Oh well... not my choice, so no sweat there.

What a good weekend it was. Pessimists thought not a prime weekend for the beach. I beg to differ. What a perfect weekend. It's been a long past few months. It does wear on the soul a bit, but perhaps it's that career-focused-passion I just can't give up that keeps me going. I know that I'd do it again in a second. I tell you, if anyone would have ever told me I'd be this career-focused, I would have argued. Sometimes I guess you surprise even yourself. Anyhow, it was the perfect weekend to break it up a bit... get out of the city and explore a new area. Loved it.

I headed out with the girls -- nothing ahead but the open road. I'll have to ask TX again the name of our beloved weekend auto. Whatever her name was, it was such a relaxing ride. Sunroof cracked... miles and miles of open road ahead... great tunes cranked up... perfect!

The plan was no plans. That was the perfect plan. Friday night Dr. P introduced the TX Democrat and I to her cousin. We went out to her place in Lewes, DE -- close to Rehoboth Beach. She had the cutest place and was such a fun spirit. Like the Peach, she's a Georgia girl. She had fresh brownies complete with Georgia pecans waiting for us. We stayed up telling stories and just hanging out.

Saturday Dr. P showed us over to Dewey Beach, where we're already planning another summertime excursion.In Dewey we spent a good hour at the Rusty Rudder. It was beautiful -- sitting outdoors, overlooking the weater as the sea gulls drift down effortlessly of in the distance. It was perfect. The rain holding off on Saturday was just icing on the cake.

Dr. P had to go back and help her cousin organize, so she dropped off TX Dem and I to explore around downtown Lewes. Okay, so not your booming metropolis, but it was so nice. We checked out the local shops and boutiques and relaxed beside the water at the marina.

That night we went to Dr. P's favorite, the Buttery. It was fun to get all dolled up for a night out with the girls. We sat at the bar and enjoyed some appetizers -- some tapas and even some pate (verrrrry little for me -- definitely not my cup of tea). After that, it was off to Dogfishead for some local live blues. Just because I'm not a beer fan doesn't mean I didn't love my trip to Dogfish!

Thanks girls for a great weekend. Much needed and definitely much appreciated. It's just such a nice breather from the daily city life. I'm definitely a city girl, but I loved the escape.


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