Thursday, June 29, 2006

manhattan, music, and more

So my trip to NYC which was up in the air since I was wait-listed for my training course is now back on. Yes, I realize mid-July in NYC may equate out to being a little on the toasty side, but I'll take the trip however it comes. No complaints! Looking forward to seeing the girls and hitting the town a bit (along with of course doing the work-related stuff that's getting me up & back in the first place). Not going to let a little stats course get in the way of a little time out & about.

Also, TX Dem and I just got tickets to go to Austin City Limits in September. Promises to be so much fun. Nothing like a little spontaneous trip on the horizon. So many bands/artists. I've definitely never been to a music festival quite along those lines... and what a great way to celebrate my birthday. Can't wait! Something like 120-130 artists? Amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Willy Nelson, the Shins, John Mayer, Iron & Wine... the list goes on!!

Other than that, nothing too crazy up here. Just gearing up for the 4th. I'm feeling a little non-commital on plans - but I'm sure something will turn up. Always does!


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