Friday, June 02, 2006

firenze bella


Just wanted to say a quick hello from Florence. What a beautiful city. Today has been a wonderful, relaxing day... a well-welcomed contrast from our super-packed visit in Rome. It was amazing to see all of the history Rome has to offer, but it was sooooo tiring. One of the gentlemen in our group had a pedometer and said we walked 7 miles that day. I definitely believe it!

I have taken a ton of pictures it seems - so those of you who wanted to have a look upon my return, definitely no worries there. I loved the history of Rome, but something about Florence is just more welcoming and just overall enchanting. I am definitely loving Tuscany!

Tomorrow we are stopping through Verona en route to Venice. Hopefully Verona will be as nice and quaint as I found Assisi to be. There I bought a pair of sandals from a nice man who handmade the items. He gave me a discount when he learned I am a photo student. He liked that even better than just being a student in general

The pizza, pasta, wine, gelato, and cannoli are amazing... I'm sad at the prospect of leaving those as well!

That's all for now... the computer's too slow for much more. More later!


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