Tuesday, June 06, 2006

alps, fondue, and au chocolat

What a perfect day to wrap up our trip. Access to the Internet has surely been scarce (and honestly, as one who usually gets a twitch when not getting an email fix, I've really not missed it -- gasp!), but I've been keeping a journal chronicling our journey. I'll put up some more blogs to share when I'm back to my own lovely fast computer.

It's been a really good trip, but so tiring overall. I think I'm going to need a vacation to recoup from my Euro-vacation, for sure! One gentelman in our group has a pedometer, so I can see just how much "damage" we're doing each day. One day it was 5 miles, another it was 7 miles... we've definitely done our share!
Perhaps that's why I've been enjoying our low-key final day here in Lucerne, Switzerland. It's a nice resort-type town, with nice local shops and such to explore --- with a beautiful lake and the towering Swiss Alps as the picturesque backdrop. I think it's a better farewell than the hustle and bustle of Rome and Florence -- although I'm typically much more of a city girl.

Tonight we are doing a typical fondue dinner. I've heard you can even play their long Alpine pipe during the show, if you so desire. We'll see if I have a burning desire to do so this evening. If not, it'll be fun to watch others. And then, of course, there's the focal point of the evening -- the mighty fine fondue itself. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Lots is riding on that, my friends...

We've had a great tour guide for the trip. Her name's Annemeke (love the name -- Dutch for Anne Marie) and she's Dutch. We've had a local guide in most of the main cities but she's been great to complement in those where we haven't or even just to make the most of our plentiful walking time. She's a law student, which I thought was appropriate!

We're off to find a tea room in hopes of hot chocolate!


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