Tuesday, June 27, 2006

sexy ponchos, dancing mushrooms, & rain galore

I love TX's summary of our Sunday afternoon/evening adventure...

"Definitely great times at the concert. I'm still smiling about LJ's new DJ admirer, a delicious $12 margarita, Molly's slicker from hell, dancing mushrooms and Gia, the dancing princess (age 5)."

Our excursion to Nissan Pavillion for the Allman Brothers concert last night was the perfect girl outting for a group of DC city girls (and honorary city girls, for our outta town visitor!). TX, the Cajun, the Writer, Emily and I set off for an adventure... we didn't let several preceding days of rain and promise of more to come dampen our spirits. Hah... pun not intended. We arrived at the venue much more quickly than anticipated, which ended up being great. Turns out, as "luck" would have it, the lawn was closed and our el-cheapo seats received a gratis upgrade. We promptly set up shop front and center (of the area we were permitted to enter, of course) and spread our blankets intended for the sopping wet grass across instead across the rail to claim our turf. We so stuck out in the midst of the people we were watching go by -- TX with her JL bag, our USA 2000 flag, our snacks from Whole Foods... it was quite a sight. Unfortunately, my camera remained in the car -- so you'll just have to use your imagination here.

We roamed from row to row... as people claimed their seats, we were booted a few times. Hey, we got to check out the stage from multiple angles, right? We even made friends with the DJ from one of the area radio stations with the extra time we had from being there so early. He hooked us up with the typical promotional shirt -- white and "ginormous".

Anyhow, once the concert started we were definitely pleased to find that we were behind a nice man and his younger daughter. She was so cute! She danced the whole concert and was quite our entertainment. She was definitely young enough to not understand the intended meaning behind the dancing mushrooms on the stage displays and the other trippy graphics they flashed up. Her dad did divert her eyes when during one song they decided to display some mighty risque strippers dancing. I think the people watching in general was as interesting at times as the concert itself.

After the concert, we were soooo loving our premier parking. We shelled out the extra $$ to park close to the exit. Divided by 5 ways made it a no brainer. And we were feeling might bright as we got into the TX-mobile. Hard to get out of Nissan? Pish-posh! Now hard to drive in pouring rain with road closures? Maybe there's some more truth there!

I'm definitely not a die-hard Allman Brothers fan by any means... but I did enjoy the concert. And I definitely think there's something to be said for a group that's been around that long and can still draw a crowd. And it's also fascinating to see that while there were quite a lot of older fans, the age group represented truly did span the full spectum from Miss Gia to those 10x plus her age.

It was a trip... so much fun. Thanks ladies for going Let's do it again soon!


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