Saturday, June 24, 2006

peapod grocery magic

Well, I must say the weekend's off to a great start. Most weekends, if I were awoken by someone wanting to be buzzed into my building at 8AM, I would not be a happy camper. However, when it's the wonderful Peapod delivery man, my groggy "hello?" has a more upbeat twist. Poof! Like magic, my snug 1BR condo is surrounded by delightful, fresh tasty goodies. Gotta love that! Hey, I figure the delivery fee is cheaper than monthly insurance and car payments. Would you agree? Want fresh produce? No problem! Thin sliced deli meat? Sure, be right up. Prefer organic? Sure ... and it's even on special this week. Yesssss!

I'm still working on finishing up my pictures from my Italy trip. If anyone had ever told me how long it would take to do this, I wouldn't have believed it. No problem though -- nice to have something to work on that can be done while still watching Best Week Ever on VH1. This way, I can edit photos and catch up on my week's worth of pop culture!

Today's Mississippi on the Mall. A friend of mine from college, Emily, has stayed up this weekend and we're headed out there for a dose of Southern comforts... some good live music (yes, it is country, and no -- I do not want to buy into stereotypes here... I honestly don't love country music, but the band is good - I've heard them before) and fantastic Southern foods (hushpuppies!). Cross your fingers for us that the rain fest holds off -- that would be a definite downer.
Tonight, it's more girl bonding -- celebrating both Jenny's birthday with one group of friends and just girl's night in general with some others. Should be lots of fun!

What's everyone else up to this weekend???


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