Wednesday, July 05, 2006

we gonna rock down to ny avenue

I don't think there's anywhere quite like DC to be for the 4th of July. This year, I didn't know my plans -- except for that I knew it was to not be down on the Mall this year. I absolutely loved it last year, but the ordeal (in my opinion, anyhow!) shouldn't be an annual occurance.

Today began with a wonderful relaxing day. True vacation at its finest. I'm really bad about not enjoying the downtime holidays should give you - the needed break from work. I did a good job of putting that extra time to some "quality" use.

Now, granted, I did use some of the prior days to be productive. Yesterday in fact I went down on the Mall amidst all the vacationing tourists and took pictures of some of the monuments. I went to the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and ended at the Korean War Memorial. I was memorial-ed out though at that point (and seriously close to dehydration!). I got some great shots as well. But I digress...

So back to relaxation... I went out to meet Sarah in Arlington. We'd planned on grabbing a bite and watching the fireworks from the Iwo Jima Memorial -- great view, but avoiding at least a little of the insanity on the Mall. Well, as luck would have it, the rain hit - and boy did it hit! - as soon as I was coming off the Metro. I swear, the last few weeks with all this rain I feel like I'm back in Miami's rainy season! Thankfully it passed, but we were figuring that all the rain would make our prior plans a bit of a soggy option.

Thankfully Sarah's roommate, the Domestic Goddess, let us jump in on her plans - and we watched the fireworks from the rooftop of their friend's place over on NY Avenue. What a stunning view!! They own half of their building's rooftop and we could watch the fireworks from every direction. What I loved was the view of the fireworks on the Mall intermingled with the cranes off in the distance. It was so DC -- progress amidst all the sights/monuments that are such an intigral part of the image of DC. Fireworks... cooking out... friends... so very July 4th!

Something new to the holiday experience was the hula hoop ritual, apparently an annual tradition at their gathering. It's tradition that the male attendees who are new to the festivities have to hula hoop. It was great fun to watch them one by one attempt to hula. Afterwards, they got us girls to do it. I brought up the rear, taking the center only once I was "outted" for having hidden in the corner. Surprisingly, I learned I actually can hula! Who knew?

The DG's friend Todd was so super nice to drive me back into the city after we left the party. It was so much fun to see an impromptu concert by the ensemble that sometimes plays in Dupont Circle. They were playing "Oh When the Saints Go Marching in" as we went through the Circle. I just love this city!

Off to bed - and sad at the prospect of having to wake up early AM tomorrow. We've gotten so spoiled by this lovely early July break. I'll definitely be needing my chai latte come tomorrow!


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