Monday, August 28, 2006

here we are now movin' to the east side

Wow, what a day. It's been a marathon, and I'm granting myself a momentary "breather" to check email, enjoy a fine late quasi-dinner of Nutter Butter Bites and Kool-Aid (the grown up snack of champions), and allow the A/C to kick in before I do a little late night Saturday packing. What else would one do anyhow with a Saturday?

Sassy, the DG, and I got started bright and early this AM at Eastern Market. I learned the hard way that there's all kinds of work being done on the metro this weekend. Totally sucks. I went down to the metro, took one look at the sign announcing "20 minutes" and came right back up and hailed a cab. After getting over to Eastern Market, I was frustrated to learn that being the super alert person I was this morning, I'd managed to leave the keys for all of us at my apartment. Ooops & arghhhh...

Anyhow, we went ahead with a nice breakfast at Bread and Chocolate and then they were nice enough to run me back up to Dupont to get the keys. We did our planned measuring of the place so we could go get a large rug for our living and dining area as well as a runner for our upstairs hallway. Exciting stuff !

Sassy and I then went out to Lowe's in Alexandria, which didn't have the rug we wanted. We then learned all about the faaaaaabulous city of Clinton, Maryland. I mean, who knew? We found all we needed out there, grabbed a bite at Ruby Tuesdays, and then rounded our trip out with a trip to Target (I can't even remember where the Target was... our friendly Lowe's employee referred us).

We went back to our lovely house
and laid down our new rugs and Sarah helped me put up our privacy frosting. It's not perfect, but it looks pretty darn good for us non-professionals. And there'll be no peeping toms in our household! So, now some 12 hours later, I'm finally back home and ready to do a little more packing before absolutely crashing out... of course, I think I'm going to jump into the shower first. I'm feeling a bit dusty and gross... but feeling so accomplished.

Hope you're all out and about having a wonderful Saturday night for me as I'm hanging in here... I'm looking forward to hitting Kramerbooks tomorrow with our Book Club for my last Sunday in Dupont... gosh, I'm feeling all nostalgic ... although, I know I'll be back for sure.


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