Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'cause, like, cardboard box purses are SO NOW

I know what you all wanted to be doing on your lunch break just now was dragging 6 large moving boxes 5 blocks in the midst of the lunch-hour masses. My co-workers, because they're such wonderful and kind-hearted people, helped me quadruple tape them together and even made me a little "handle" at the top. It allowed me to carry them like they were just a purse over my shoulder. I almost wish someone had been there to capture the moment with a photo... I caught a glimpse in the door, and I must say I amused myself! I can't believe the big move is so soon -- next Friday is practically here, and about 99.9% my stuff is still in need of being re-examined to see if it's going to stay (AKA visit the dumpster or be donated) or go for the move to the Hill.

And on another note, it's official -- I'm done with my photography program through the
Washington School of Photography. Just like with my MBA, I remember thinking it would be so long before I would reach the end of the program. Now, just a year later, I find myself once again "done" with school. The Writer told me she doesn't think I can sit still and not do some sort of program next. I'm going to try my best to prove her wrong - haha I am going to go take some of their workshops here and there (definitely want to get in on the PhotoShop courses they offer), but am planning at least a couple months of a welcomed break -- and that's (hopefully) written in stone! I plan to work on re-vamping my website now so that I can hopefully really get going on the photography business for me. I'm looking forward to that.

Hopefully I'll have other developments to divulge shortly, but nothing additional at the moment... send me some positive (and patient!) thoughts. Hope you're all having a fabulous "hump" day!!


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