Thursday, August 17, 2006

gin queens & metro driving newbies

Have you ever gotten seasick on a metro ride? I almost did -- that's a first! Very random. Fuuuuuull of people coming back from the game and I think the driver was a newbie. I don't think the ride could be any longer. Each stop was in around 10 mini-jolts. Paaaaainful for sure. I was much pleased to have found a seat, so I could of course hide a smile as I watched people sling from side to side. This paragraph is not making me out to be nice here, is it? Haha ;)

So I just got home from "Queen of Hearts" -- our ladies' cards night up on the Hill. I was the lone rep from Dupont, but will soon be defecting to join the rest of the crew (soooo ready for the big move). I was glad to finally be able to make an appearance. This is only my first "free" Wednesday since my Wednesday photo class wrapped up a couple of weeks back. I always have to miss out on the fun. But not tonight!

Honestly, I'd never played gin before tonight. I'm proud to say I was the winner of the evening (feel free to send over pats on the back at this moment...). I learned to watch the Cajun though. She's a sly one. Cards go missing... creative tallying... glad to see it didn't pay off for her in the end... (are you reading this, Creole Queen?). Maybe next time poker will be on the agenda. I've gotta own up to not being well-versed in the world of cards here.

Anyhow, off to crawl into bed...


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