Thursday, August 31, 2006


As I sit here enjoying a couple of Krispy Kremes (a real treat... it's been years...), I'm realizing my Dupont days are dwindling... I'd always thought I would bring in doughnuts to work, and realized today was really the last day I had the option to do so. Now don't get me wrong... I'm really excited about the move. It's just so strange to think of the things that have become such an expected routine that will change... the nice man at my favorite local coffee shop that will no longer be en route to the office... the caretaker at my condo building who I'll no longer encounter vacuuming in the hallway, always with a big smile and "good morning" to greet me... I think it's some of the little things like that which I'll miss.

Of course I'll miss my fellow Dupont Divas... Dupont was definitely my first taste of the city, so it'll always have a fond spot for me. It was in large part the busy nature of Dupont that sold me on DC and brought me here. The Tour Guide would joke it was the two trips we took to Lauriol Plaza that weekend, but I digress...

I'm excited about the next chapter... moving to the Hill feels like such a change and one I'm looking forward to. As Sassy, the DG, and I took care of some last minute things last night at the new place and chatted around our granite tabletop in the kitchen area, we were excited to see ourselves doing this in the days to come. I'm definitely excited to have roommates... I was a bit apprehensive, having been soooooo long since I've had a roommate (Sonja, now that you're on here - and maybe you'll actually see this - you were actually my last roommate!) - but I think Sassy and the DG are definitely going to make the change so seamless for me.

I've been so caught up in the move though that I haven't really paused to be nostalgic about my dear Dupont... but I think it's coming through today. There's so many little things that will bring me back to Dupont, that I know it's not a true goodbye -- just no longer where I'll hang my hat.

I'll be without email access all day tomorrow (gasp ... the horror!), so the next time you hear from me I'll be all set up at our new place. Soooo excited. Pretty much pumped. We can't wait to get all set up and have our official housewarming party ... and host Julia, our first official house guest! Off to wrap up some things here at work since I'll be out all day tomorrow. Hope you're all having a good one ... and safe travels if anyone's headed out of town for the long weekend!


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