Monday, September 11, 2006

a toast to friends... especially girlfriends

I have the best girlfriends around - period. I had so much fun last night... we went to a wine bar here on the Hill and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday dinner. We started off with some cheese and crackers... a bottle of red... a bottle of white... some lovely pasta dishes... and finished off with some dark chocolate pudding. Just about perfect. So many times you meet up with friends and rush through dinner. It was so nice just to sit and catch up and not be in a hurry. I couldn't have asked for more... thanks gals for the best birthday present

The big birthday bash on Saturday night was so much fun. So many of our friends came out to help us celebrate at Ozio... and, of course, we have quite a few pics to prove it. Just check my slideshow on my profile page This was our second time to hold our celebration at Ozio and it definitely went well again. After a lovely dinner with the Tour Guide and some of her closest friends at Merkado Kitchen, we headed over to Ozio to get our evening started. Our servers were great, which was key for the evening. They were super helpful on serving our cake (marble - yum!). We stayed until around midnight, when the crowd started to shift and the natives were restless and in need of a change of venue. We then headed over to Science Club for a bit until we closed out around 2AM. We definitely enjoyed ourselves!

So it's back to the daily grind here in a few... off to work... it's still drizzling a bit outside. I'm definitely hoping that's on it's way out. Don't they know that's illegal for a Monday morning?


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