Saturday, September 09, 2006

cabbies, big sleep, & birthday festivities galore

What a long week it's been. Sadly, little if any time has been available for the fun and neverending post-move cleaning & organizing. It's coming together though... I picked up a shower curtain to go in front of the inset that has our washer and dryer. That will make our kitchen area look much nicer. We got rid of TONS of trash on Friday when the trash was picked up, with the exception of the boxes they opted NOT to pick up (we're not bitter though, really...)

I had my first JLW meeting this week. I know my Advisor from before and she's really cool. She had us all over for a nice dinner, which was really great of her. Seems like there will be lots of work on the horizon there with that committment, but I'm looking forward to it.

I think I've officially made my peace with DC's cab system. Or at least mighty close... I've been a vocal opponent of DC's system and their funky zone system, which I still think has as its goal to confuse all city-goers into paying way too much way too easily for a cab ride. But I digress... I've learned that the pretty long ride from Dupont to my new Eastern Market pad is only two zones... or $8.80. For the zone system, that's a pretty sweet deal. So... after my JLW dinner, I found myself, Miss Anti-Cab, crawling into the cab as quickly as can be. Hmmmm... think it's a new era! Or, more likely, a consequence of being a former spoiled Dupont dweller!

Finally saw Talladega Nights with the Local this week. Soooo funny (of course in a silly Will Ferrell kind of way - but nothing wrong with that). Still gotta say I'm proud to have never been to the Talladega Speedway! Hah. Funny movie though - shake & bake!

Last night I felt like a rockstar, let me tell you... I joined Sarah and her co-workers for Happy Hour at 14K at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza. Pretty nice place. We sat out on the patio and it was definitely a perfect night for that. It wasn't even 7pm when I wanted to just crawl under the table and take a nap. The week's totally taken it's toll on me. So, no surprise that at 9:30pm (seriously, I kid you not) I crawled into bed and went to sleep. I just got up about half an hour ago. I feel soooo much better.

So, yeah I might not have been a rockstar last night, but I've got some energy to get going for the marathon of birthday festivities that lie on the horizon. Sassy, I'm pretty much pumped... I'm off in a bit to get my hair done (why not, right?) to get ready for our big birthday bash tonight. I need to start packing soon too for Austin City Limits -- I'm so excited!

Hope you're all having a good Saturday! I'm heading back to laundry now... I hope to have some pics of the place posted shortly as well...


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