Saturday, October 28, 2006

yabba dabba doo!

Ok, I'm about to start costume-ing up. So pumped. I cannot believe I just went and bought so much make-up at CVS. I just didn't have bubble gum pink-esque make-up, and that just would not do...

Yep, I'm going as Pebbles this year. I cannot remember the last time I wore any costume which necessitated wearing a wig. This isn't just any wig... it's a wig WITH a bone haha. Should be fun.

So yes, it's close to time to dress up. Very exciting. Sassy's going as a naughty fire fighter. Haha. We'll be repeating our looks for Tuesday's parties. Too bad that we're going to have to miss all the cute little kids all over Capitol Hill. Maybe next year...

Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday before Halloween!


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