Sunday, October 08, 2006

oh so close...

It's a miracle... I think the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near. Alas, the cleaning of the last weeks upon weeks upon weeks has not been in vain. Oh no, no! The Domestic Goddess and I've been slowly plugging away at the cleaning left to do, and I think we're almost to the end. Some of the things that we'd been putting off are now done and I think we're going to meet our drop dead date of Saturday (nothing like a little housewarming party to put on the pressure, right? haha).

We went and bought all the party supplies yesterday at Costco... we're so set. We picked up cheese, chips, etc. and a ton of Oktoberfest beer (why not? we figured it could be sorta like a joint housewarming and Oktoberfest celebration... too bad I don't do beer, but I can appreciate the festive nature of the concept at least). Now we just have to get the last odds and ends out of the way, and we'll be good to go.

Today, I'm going to tackle the last of the leaves and such on the front and back porch areas. I spoke to our landlords yesterday so we will (1) shortly have a front porch light (no minor feat for sure) and (2) shortly have functioning back lights now that I understand how to run the wiring. I tell you, a house is a whole different animal from an apartment. Even if the square footage isn't that much more (which isn't the case for us), I think you'd get all the same additional complications. So much more! But likewise, we're getting so much more, so no compliant... just mere observation haha.

I'm energized from the excellent waffles the DG whipped up from us, so back to the organizing. Hope you guys had a great weekend! If you're off tomorrow, I'm jealous for sure... think of me as you roll over, as I'll be long gone. I have an early AM flight out of National -- that's my Columbus Day present from the Firm haha. Enjoy!


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