Thursday, November 02, 2006

on the road again

Today's going to be a great day -- I can just feel it. And, if it doesn't pan out to be so, it's definitely not because it didn't get off to a great start. I hit "shuffle" on my iPod and what should come on first? Cartman singing "O Holy Night". I was laughing the whole way to the metro.

It's a big day here at work -- we have a pretty important meeting later this afternoon and I'm taking a momentary break as I enjoy my morning latte (I'm still on a bad roll here -- I need to get off the coffee kick!) before diving into the mountain of papers surrounding my keyboard. Hopefully today will be a success... we shall see!

It's been an eventful week though. My car FINALLY arrived on Monday. I'm so excited to have a set of wheels again. I was a bit anxious that it would be awkward driving again and that I would be so turned around trying to drive in the city. I was comforted to see that it felt just like I'd been driving daily for oh, say the past two years and I was able to drive straight home into the city with no problems. Pretty cool. Of course, where did I go directly from the dealership? That great wonderful place... Target Oh Tarzjay, Tarzjay... how I'd missed you!

I'm still contemplating what I'm going to do with my day on Saturday. It most definitely involves a certain silver Honda Fit and venturing to somewhere probably in Far-Away-Ville-VA... definitely somewhere that's NOT metro accessible! Seriously though, I'm trying to find somewhere slightly outside of the city to head to do some shooting. After close to two years of being limited to shots in the city, I'm looking forward to a change in scenery. I'm cutting it close, but hopefully I'll be able to still catch a trace of leaves before the trees set into their naked winter state.

Halloween was fabulous. I don't think I ever put this much effort into any year's Halloween costume as a child, which is kind of funny. Sassy and I went to the Halloween event at the Decatur House, thanks to the Fashionista's kind invite. It was a great place to start off the evening! Only catch was I had to get ready at work... (for those of you who haven't seen where I work, it's a pretty big building, so pretty good chance you can't escape unseen!). I did manage to slide out with only a couple of people catching a glimpse of Pebbles in all her glory. I didn't realize there was going to be a costume contest there. Woohoo Pebbles came in second (I was beaten out by an Angry Glacier, who was a bit lecturing when we asked her to explain her costume. No, we're not ignorant. Yes, we do know what global warming is. No, we didn't automatically realize that an Angry Glacier = melting glacier = protect mother earth. We can appreciate it though.)

Afterwards we headed over to Georgetown. Why did no one tell me Georgetown on Halloween is almost as bad as Mardi Gras in New Orleans?? I told Sassy at least no one had to pull us up to crowd surf over the crowd from us getting smothered (yep, that was part of my Mardi Gras experience - hah), but it was pretty close! It was interesting to see all the bizarre folks out and about though. Definitely amusing.

Anyone have any amusing Halloween stories? I've definitely been enjoying all the pics I've seen haha.


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