Tuesday, November 28, 2006

betty crocker comes to town

I picked up my car yesterday. All repaired... bright, shiny, and new again. I noticed that the area around the car's logo which had previously been really scratched up from the egging had been fixed! I guess they fixed it at the body shop when they were repairing the bumper. I'm not complaining, just commenting and definitely appreciating. If I have to have the car repaired so soon into it's brief life, I might as well make the most of whatever perks came with the whole process.

Okay, so as I've mentioned before, I don't cook. I admit it. No shame. Okay, maybe a little bit... but I realize that for the moment, I can get by on minimal cooking, and I like that. Well, that and the fact is that happy hours and appetizers makes cooking a big meal lose its luster. And I digress...

What I do is bake. I love to bake... and baking and the holidays go together like peas and carrots ;) To gear up for our upcoming party, I picked up pretzels to make my holiday fave, white chocolate covered pretzels. I'm currently sans-candy coating though, as all the ones at Safeway were open at the seam (gotta watch that Safeway), so one item definitely remains to be purchased. With our JLW cookie exchange coming up as well on Saturday, I'm all about the bake-ed goods this week - and this is only round one. I think I was buying more to make my sweets than to eat over the course of this week. Sounds right about on par - hah.

Holiday season is in full swing. My tree is up (naked, but up). Presents are definitely not yet bought, but I've begun the thought process there. Christmas party? Planned and almost here... Fun holiday-esque outfit? Check. Christmas vacation time? Requested and approved (yesssss). New Year's Eve plans? Confirmed and paid. Formal dress? Shopping excursion to follow. How much do I love the holidays? I'm really looking forward to my family coming here for the holidays. My roommates are both headed out of town, so I'll have the rowhouse all to myself, warm radiators and all. This will be my first Christmas in DC since I've previously headed back to Alabama. Anything not to be missed?


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