Friday, November 24, 2006


Hope everyone's surviving those post-turkey comas. As much as you hear about the infamous culprit, AKA tryptophan, how much is truly fact and how much is fiction? All I know is that at this point after all the eating of the day, I'm tired... and stuffed. I'm guessing I'd feel this way if the turkey were present or not (and in Jersey, haha, they were trying to not be present. Anyone see this?)

So my plan was to avoid the Black Friday insanity of tomorrow, but seems we got a jump start on the whole thing this PM with the madness of CompUSA. Yes, we waited in the long lines for something which, ironically, wasn't even one of their crazy pre-Christmas specials. Ms. Tamela, who's a big MAC fan, couldn't wait for her computer. It did mean we got a view from the road across the street of all the people who at 10:30 or so were already camped out for BestBuy for tomorrow (as well as a view from the road en route back home of the church with Jesus painted on the facade which looks like an eggbeater Jesus - awesome).

Tam and I caught up on the O.C. (the whole season thus far). That was a classssssy way to begin Turkey Day, but made for some fun sisterly bonding. My mom's feast was positively superb... I can't name off all the food. If I manage to get to being half the cook she is, I'll count myself blessed. Of course though, I already consider myself blessed.

Gobble gobble... I definitely said my share of "gracias" today. Hope you all had a special one with yours wherever you landed today.



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