Saturday, December 02, 2006

dc, with all the trimmings

It's officially the holiday season. I say officially since I've now been to my first holiday-themed party. Last night was TX's housewarming party. What an amazing place... we were so impressed as we drove up with the way it just radiated from the street-side. They have a beautiful large window on the front portion of the house with a large tree, with white lights and green and red trimmings. As we saw it from the car, we thought it was a family's house. I love that my friend's places look that warm and inviting.

To help people keep track of their beverages throughout the night, TX had set out some stickers. They had come as a part of some sort of networking game. The stickers had one word catch phrases for the most part. I'm not quite sure the rules of the original game, but the stickers made for quite a great conversation piece for the remainder of the evening.

The Writer and I opted to upgrade our stickers, adding an additional one to give our name a bit more pizzazz. Henceforth, I was "Single Babe" and she "Big Tease". To test out our newfound titles, we went out to the back porch to refill our empty fine wine glasses. The white wine was just to the side of the beer. Nicely, we were able to go get some wine and do a little experiment with our newly refined labels.

Luckily, the responses from the Keg Boys did not disappoint. I did not go back out that way again, but I admit to wondering (and in the interim, assuming) that they felt it was their obligation to babysit the keg for the entire evening. We're guessing they didn't go too far. How we managed to have a 15 or so minute conversation with them solely based on our lovely stickers, I don't know. But it was amusing. We're still mighty proud of those stickers.

There was some concern expressed at the party that certain comments and/or outbursts (including some made by yours truly) might be included in on the my next blog posting. Have no fear, m'dear. Your secret's safe with me ;)

So today was supposed to be pretty busy... complete with finishing off the car repairs in the early AM before rushing back into town for the cookie exchange. However, realized (thankfully before the DC police did) that my temp tag was expired by a few days, so slight change in plans. I did, however, still squeeze in that trip to G'town for a little pre-party shopping.

I'm off to prepare some more for tonight's shin-dig. Lots of baking to be done. I purchased some fun lit garland and other Christmas-y trimmings so our place will be all festive for the bash.


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