Wednesday, December 06, 2006

when old collides with new

So we just got our presents here in the office ... they gave us this big massive fleece blanket that looks like a poncho kind of thing. Interesting. I've never heard of these, but apparently they're widely available? Basically, you stick your legs in the bottom part of the blanket (it's sewn at the bottom to hold your legs in) and there's a pouch in the front for your remote. Now this is one perfect present for some serious holiday couch time... a screening of some of those Netflix films I've been meaning to get around to or my holiday staples, consisting of Christmas Vacation, Elf, Rudolph, and of course How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Little Cindy Lou Who!). Much needed now with winter officially having arrived in the District. Nice of them to top the blanket off with a gift card for Barnes and Noble. Sweet deal. Gracias al hombre ;-)

The past couple of days I've been wild and crazy and escaped out of the office for lunch. Rio got me out of the office for a very interesting screening and discussion of a documentary titled "The Imam and the Pastor". It was very interesting to hear about the religious struggles in Nigeria. It's so hard to imagine being so staunch in your beliefs as to believe that someone else's is so off, to the point of resorting to violence and murder. I do love that DC is the type of place though where you have the option to attend something like this on your lunch hour. Very interesting event and definitely made me think a lot.

It was a very different use of my lunch hour than yesterday. LH, Ms. Bon Bon herself, got me out to grab a bite and then, why not, a quick round of shoe shopping. Very dangerous to learn that there is such a great place so close to my office. Pocket book beware...

Last night I had dinner with EH, who was in from MS. I love it when you meet up with people you know from somewhere else in your new location... it's like things haven't really changed, but mixed within the context of a whole new atmosphere. It was so good to catch up, and I learned she'll be back up here for a couple of months beginning in May. We were sorority sisters together at MSU, so love having her in town.

Another friend from the past (even further past... we're talking high school here) is in town tonight. The Titan was supposed to be here last week for an interview, but Old Man Winter had other plans since the airports said no can do. He'll be in tonight, so that'll be fun. He may be taking a job here... so many old friends coming or potentially coming to DC. I love it when the old and new worlds collide.



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