Wednesday, December 20, 2006

hitting the holiday home-stretch

Four days until Christmas... two days until the family comes to town... and wayyyyyy too much cleaning and organizing still to be done than I'm prepared to digest. C`est la vie.

Last night, I intended to head to bed early, to get some much needed rest (I'm so in the red) and energy to help with rallying on the cleaning project. Um yeah, so not so successful. Last night I went with Rio to the meeting of the International Photographic Society. The guest speaker was Walter Calahan, who has had the opportunity to do some pretty interesting photo shoots throughout his lengthy career. I really enjoyed hearing him speak and seeing some samples of his work. It definitely made me start to think of some things I should be shooting... I must, and will, get back into shooting more often.

We'd planned to meet up with Sassy at La Tasca for happy hour, but the speaker/meeting ran waaaaay longer than anticipated. Happy hour will have to be saved for another day...

I went home to find the Domestic Goddess in full swing, wrapping up her holiday baking. The complexity of her recipes far usurps my chocolate covered pretzels, even though they were nothing other than a smashing success in the office. By the way, the picture in the previous post is actually my pretzels. Yum.

So my attempts to resist holiday sweets yesterday definitely were not aided by the fresh baked goods prepared by the DG. My dinner last night, while balanced by a turkey sandwich, was complimented by homemade hazelnut truffles, dulce de leche bars, and cranberry shortbread cookies. How could one turn down such a sugar feast?

I did finally order some more prints of my photos, with plans to have them hung on the wall prior to the familial arrival. Definitely much more polishing to be done at our lovely house, but I still have some 48 hours to do so... tick tock...


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