Friday, December 22, 2006

thursday night date with safeway

Seriously, what else would one potentially want to do with a Thursday night? It ended up being the perfect time to hit up the store. I managed to miss the post-work crowd and am a few days ahead of the last minute, pre-Christmas rush. I did come prepared, armed with list in hand, ready to fend off other carts as I maneuvered through aisle after aisle.

My family arrives in town on Saturday, so the goal was to have all of the ingredients for the things my mom and dad are going to cook/bake over the course of the holiday stocked in the pantry so we don't have to waste time once they're here on things like that. Good plan. Probably 99% successful. I think with all the holiday baking, the XBox of Safeway must be confectioner sugar. Who knew? Absolutely zip in the store. That's one for round two.

I have to say just when I think I have a full appreciation for my parents, something new comes along. This will make me sound like a wimp (but that's ok - I'm not hiding here), but I was pretty tired by the time I made it inside our place with the last plastic bag of groceries. I don't think I've ever bought that many groceries in my life. Period. I was thinking that the amount I bought was less than the weekly or so purchases my mom made. I can still remember being impatient wandering through Bruno's... and then asking incessantly when the food would be ready once we arrived back home with all the items. I tell ya ... walking the aisles and picking out all of those things gave me some perspective.

I then had to find a parking space. I would like to say I'm soon to be the queen of parallel parking but um yeah that would be a lie. There was this prime parking spot right in front of my place. Score! I thought this should be a cinch.

I pulled up beside the car in front, threw it in reverse, and tried to work my way in. Mmmm not quite right. I turned the heat off, pulled forward, and gave it another shot. Ummmm no. Third time... yeah, still no good. Darn it! Defeated, I pulled up and decided I would just go around the corner.

As I was getting ready to go elsewhere, I saw this huge soccer mom mini van come tooling down the street and watched the gentleman (ok, so clearly not literally a soccer mom vehicle) whip into the spot in about 5 seconds. Man, am I an amateur!


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