Monday, July 09, 2007

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I knew it had been a while since I’d posted, but over a week? Yeah, not so on top of this these days. Lots of changes. It’s almost like if I were a computer, I went through a system-wide upgrade of sorts. So far though, no complaints. System functioning well and if anything to report, more smoothly than before. (And yes, I did just use an IT-related metaphor.)

Somehow, finding time to sit down and post these days hasn’t happened like it used to, but I’ll find my rhythm eventually. It’s been a busy last week+. Saturday (June 30th) was what may turn out to be our last party at our quaint little row house. We learned though that the poorly insulated, 100+ year old home doesn’t stay cool too well in full-on DC summer heat. Good thing the theme for the party was Bayside Reunion, which allowed for a t-shirt and tennis skirt, substituting for a cheerleading skirt. Funny side note, minor almost wardrobe malfunction as just a few minutes before guests started to arrive I realized my skirt was um see through? Yeah. No good. Thank goodness I was able to improvise a little impromptu solution.

And, thanks to the Fashionista, I had a fabulous, bedazzled-rific pair of faux-Keds for the occasion. She went all out... buddy bands, Malibu Sands ID cards, etc. Very appropriate for the occasion. Thanks to the Mack, we were even able to have Seasons 1 and 2 playing on the TV throughout the evening.

Tuesday, July 3rd was KE’s birthday celebration at the Big Hunt. I’d never been upstairs. It was kinda fun to realize you could look down on the level below. It proved prime real-estate for us to check out the Fashionista’s ex, who had randomly shown up there of all places. The Big Hunt’s definitely not the classiest of joints, but you can always count on an interesting crowd and fabulous music courtesy of the juke box. No complaints here.

For the 4th, it was off to Arlington to hang with my soon-to-be upstairs neighbors (cup a’ sugah?) at their pools. Sassy and I took the promise of a pre-poolside bagel at Brookyln Bagel as extra incentive to arrive on the earlier side. Upon our arrival, Franky and the Mack gave us the scoop on the layout of the terrain. That portion there on the left-hand side? That’s where the international crowd tends to hang. Usually poor sunlight access, so nah. Over there to the right? That’s where the “cool kids” are. They all practically wear make-up to come to the pool. It’s like spring break. On crack.

We managed to find a block of five chairs in what we deemed was soon to be prime ray-catching real estate. Our group of perhaps four soon multiplied to at least ten. It was like Girl Talk meets the pool, just adding about a decade to the age group on hand. I think it took me about five minutes to zonk out for some patriotic napping, even with the obnoxious sound of Cornhole in the background. Sassy had to decipher why on earth these macho looking guys were throwing bags at this lame, busted looking board.

Me: “There’s a name for that?!?”

If anyone is reading this is a fan, please explain why on earth people play this? Ok? Thanks.

From there, it was off to the Fashionista’s place for some BBQ action, Bama style. Her hickory chips were on hand, and we were pleased upon arriving to not only find a fine spread of hot dogs and hamburgers but also some tangy and spicy ribs the HD had thrown on as well. Those were mighty tasty, even though they did require an entire bottle of water to extinguish the burning sensation they left behind. Ouch! The rain came, went, and came again… but we kept on trucking. The evening ended with a bit of impromptu swing dancing and a little Cyndi Lauper sing-a-long before Sassy and I decided it was time to head out, even if before fireworks. I wanted time left to finish cleaning up our place since the Titan was arriving the next day.

The Titan arrived in Thursday morning. I met him at my office with a SmarTrip card and metro map in hand. Thursday night was Jazz on Jackson Place. The threat of rain moved us indoors, but it was still a great time. It was AM’s birthday, and I was glad to see that both she and Mag were able to make it out for the occasion. Even my favorite Tour Guide made a guest appearance, super last minute change of plans on her part, but much appreciated on my part. As always, the jazz, wine, and hors d’oeuvres made for a great Thursday evening (and a perfect start to my long weekend!).

Friday was apartment hunting galore. It seemed to be painfully hot, although looking at temps forecasted for today, I think we were much luckier than we perhaps realized. Saturday I showed the Titan Dupont and one of my brunch faves, Kramerbooks.

Saturday was 07/07/07… I thought it was amusing that apparently it was the largest concentration of weddings in decades. Everyone, apparently, wanting to get in on some luck for the big day I guess. I can’t help but wonder… is it a bad sign if going into a marriage, you think you need the random luck of the 7’s?

Saturday night was D’s Lucky Bash, in keeping with the idea that 07/07/07 was a “lucky day”. Party started at 7, of course. We couldn’t decide how to best dress “lucky” and ultimately went with green. Luck of the Irish, right? Sassy, the DG and I all donned our best green shirts and skirts (cause it was so darn hot!) and headed out to Ballston. The party included Jell-o shots in the shape of green 7’s along with the typical party décor faves, such as the black light wallpaper in the kitchen and the flying pig ceiling fan (a definite classic, standard part of anyone’s apartment decorating scheme). I’d just mentioned I’d never been at a party where the cops had made an appearance when literally five minutes later who should appear? Ta-da! We were all herded like cattle from the common area behind the four town homes and told we had to choose one, get inside, and ASAP.

Sunday I was all about meeting up DrP for some quality time at the pool. Her friend’s rooftop had a beautiful view into the city. The evening I caught up with Stang, who’s soon to depart to head down to NOLA. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good friend in the area relocate. I’ll definitely miss her – she was one of the first people in the area I met coming in. Slowly but surely, I’m seeing the DC cycle occur as I’d always heard would be the case. She’ll definitely be missed.


  • Nice catch up!

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At July 11, 2007  

  • Hi Sweetie....I have to tel you, I LOVE reading your posts!!!! Definitely 'Sex in the City-ish' :) I MISS you!!! Wanna meet up in NYC one weekend? Let me know if you can make it out....I would love to see you again.

    BTW, who is the 'Titan'....

    By Anonymous Deb, At July 12, 2007  

  • Thanks Sam... sometimes hard to condense, right?

    Deb, absolutely must do NYC. You know I'm going to be up there a lot now, for sure. On the Titan, will have to take offline. Don't want to out him here... although, he'd love to not be called the "Titan" anymore =)

    By Blogger LJ, At July 12, 2007  

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