Saturday, June 23, 2007

the water is wide, i can't cross o'er...

The joys of moving. The insane stalking of the postings on Craigslist. What if something's been added in the last 15 minutes? Better hit "refresh". Just in case.

And everything seems to claim upwards. You learn "steps to the metro" is something that clearly needs to be quantified as a small to lenthy hike. Maybe the posters need to be schooled on the reasonable limits of being a tad liberal on descriptions.

The places claim Capitol Hill, but are more off of the map instead of anything close to what most city-dwellers would label as Capitol Hill.

One of my favorite posts recently explained the room vacant was downstairs from the landlord, but did have it's separate entrance. They encouraged interaction with their tenant and loved it if it was someone who was willing to stop by to share a bottle of wine from time to time. Nice. Not only did it sound like you could potentially get into one unit directly from the other but you could potentially have some older slimewad hoping to get a "companion" out of the arrangement. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw the next reposting of the ad including that he loves long romantic walks on the beach...

Since I've arrived, I've been a self-admitted city snob. VA? Ewww. MD? Gross - no way. I just signed a lease. Gulp. Across the river. In VA. Just barely... a girl's got limits.

I'm looking forward to the tax savings. The car insurance savings. Parking in a garage where my car will no longer be a sitting duck for bird target practice (FYI to the birds - you've proven many times over that my car might be small, but you've got that aim thing down). I'm not looking forward to smoking again in bars, but I'll deal.

And the pool. If you need me, come August, I'm planning on going MIA in that direction.

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