Monday, June 04, 2007

destin-ation relaxation

Destin's my favorite beach. Growing up, Gulf Shores was the typical summer beach vacation. Destin was the treat. I think we came here 2x, maybe 3x when I was growing up. It didn't matter if the other beaches were overrun by seaweed or the like. Destin was almost guaranteed to remain picturesque.

I was pondering when we were last down this way as we drove in today. Mom remembered. Ironically it was 10 years ago. Summer after my senior year. It included the night Princess Di passed away, and our crew included by boyfriend at the time, one who my current friends would probably not picture me with. He was a drummer... long hair and very unique. What can I say. My family was kind-hearted enough over the years to let me bring a few beauxs to such outtings. Guess it helped to keep life interesting.

It's ironic though to make the trip again now these ten years later. The very summer my ten year high school reunion is scheduled.

I was noting the spacing between buildings. Such spacing, while common up in Northern AL, was definitely not to be found in the likes of South FL. There it was development upon development, maximizing what seemed to be every square centimeter.

Here it's laid back. No crazy beachside bars. No vibe similar to anythig remotely Spring Break-esque. I laid by the pool today. Walked slowly along the rolling tide with my parents. Nowhere to be. Nothing to answer to. And tomorrow, I'm looking forward to another day of the same.

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