Wednesday, May 23, 2007

napoleon, give me some of your tots...

Last night, I made my first trip out to see one of the WAKA games. I can't say that I've played or witnessed a kickball game since, gosh, middle school? I headed over to Adams Morgan directly after work.

Overheard en route to the field:
"Yeah, I heard the team we're playing hasn't won a game. Supposedly they're much better though at flip cup."

I thought perhaps they were talking about the team I was going to watch, until I learned the guys I heard were part of the pink team I'd heard so much about from the Fashionista. Their tall white socks with pink stripes at the top were pretty fabulous.

Yeah, so it had been a long day and I didn't get much sleep the night before, but finally opted in to join in since Sassy mentioned we needed to continue with some celebrating (more on that in a future post). We weren't celebrating a win, but we did have a good time.

Last time I was at Adams Mill, it was freeeeeezing cold out and I remember all I wanted to do was get back home and under the covers. It was nice to be there under different circumstances. The whole game part of the process was clearly not the focal point of the evening. The music was fantastic, leading to spurts of dancing. Always encouraged. The Fashionista at one point commented that hearing Sweet Home Alabama on a weekly basis was making it lose some of its lustre. Blasphemy! This is perhaps reason alone why kickball just can't be in the cards for me, clearly. The Fashionista and I ended up splitting some of Adams Mill's finest (mmmm tater tots - taking me again back to those single digit years and fantastic elementary school lunches, right?).

With all the tot and elementary/middle school talk, just had to include this in.

Good times! Although I must admit, didn't persuade me to come over to the "dark side" and sign up next go 'round.
Lessons for the evening though include (1) do not wear your work clothes -- you will stand out and attract entirely too much attention, (2) it is definitely far quicker to walk on foot to Adams Morgan than to pay to ride the bus (and you save the $$, can't beat that), and (3) no one can convince me that there is anything remotely sanitary about flip cup - ever!


  • Hey! They just gave you a shout out in the WaPo Express. Congrats!

    By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, At May 24, 2007  

  • Thanks! I know -- the one time I didn't pick one up, right? Saw it online though...

    My roommate thought it was funny that they picked up the one about flip cup, of all posts. Very much a me post!

    By Blogger LJ, At May 24, 2007  

  • Flip cup is totally sanitary, well if you like tables and floors and such. And watching kickball, is that as much fun as playing kickball?

    By Blogger John, At May 24, 2007  

  • John: Oh yeah... it's quite amusing. Actually got to watch two games simultaneously. That's a whole lotta kickball action.

    And I guess I like tables and floors, but um yeah - clean ones, please? The ones at Adams Mill with crusty beer caked on them? Yeah... not my prime selection!

    By Blogger LJ, At May 24, 2007  

  • Because I must-

    Sassy to LJ & Sam: Would you like flipping
    here or there?

    LJ & Sam: I would not flip cup
    here or there.
    I would not flip cup

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At May 24, 2007  

  • Now that Dr. Seuss, when transfers to flip cup, he clearly shows his genius...

    By Blogger LJ, At May 24, 2007  

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