Friday, May 04, 2007

the wheels on the bus...

Today I'm off to NYC, the first in my series of upcoming travels. First it's NYC, then it's off to Destin, and then my first trip to California. Promises to be a fun and eventful spring/summer.

I'm headed up to see my friend DP who is about to move to St. Louis to start her residency. She leaves NYC on Wednesday, so I'm just barely catching her before she heads out. We've got a pretty laid back weekend planned out, which I'm looking forward to. She asked what I wanted to do for the weekend and my priorities were (1) NYC pizza, (2) cupcakes at Magnolia, and (3) shopping in SoHo. I think those three things are becoming my NYC essentials. Anyhow, so that's our plan! Along with seeing a show Saturday night and then heading over for the benefit event that is actually how I ended up choosing this weekend in the first place.

I schlepped all of my luggage on the metro this morning. Always fun. Even managed to carry it all as I was concealing a Dunkin' Donuts iced latte I'd smuggled on. After last night going later than planned, it was a necessity - not a luxury. It helps to make a Friday less painful when there's caffeine flowing through your system along with knowing it's only a half-day for you, cause I'm outta here post-lunch.

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