Monday, April 30, 2007

pausing for eastern market

I am just in shock. As I made my way to the metro this morning, I saw police off in the distance. I didn't think anything of it though (and really, how sad is that?)

It wasn't until I saw a posting elsewhere online that I learned what it was all about. I can't believe the news of the fire at Eastern Market. The market. I hadn't been in months. I had stuff I did all day on Saturday and Sunday, so I had not had the chance to go over yet and enjoy it at it's prime... with the weather having finally become slightly warmer but yet just before the sweltering summer heat kicks into full gear.

I'm so sad I won't get to now. Man.

As much as I love brunch at Bread and Chocolate, no one can hold a candle to Tom's operation at the Lunch Market - be it the popular bluebucks ... chocolate chip pancakes ... or french toast (all of which are just plain and simple carb heaven).

I'm going to have to thumb through my photos at home and put up some of my favorites of Eastern Market up here. When I think of local things to see and do in DC that really captures the heart of the city, I've always thought of Eastern Market. I think that's why I've taken so many photos there.

Gosh, I just don't even know what more to say. I was totally planning a visit for sure when the Titan came to town. I'm just stunned that my favorite spot to bring guests is momentarily off of the map. Just can't fathom.

Ironically, the DG just cooked us a fantastic spread last night. It was the inaugural appearance of summer grilling, all of which included seafood she'd picked up solely at the market only shortly beforehand.

Please come back to us soon... we'll be waiting. :*(



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