Friday, April 20, 2007

arrival of overheard in dc

I've been a long-time fan of Overheard in NY. Sure, sometimes it is just plain inappropriate, but lots of times it is equally hilarious. I used to subscribe via Bloglines until it just got to be way too much, flooding my account, so had to nix that.

I was excited to see that DCist is taking the same approach here. I'm assuming this will be a weekly feature. Pretty cool. And since it's Friday afternoon and it's way too pretty outside (finally) for anyone to be stuck indoors working (just plain sad to be sitting here in front of the computer when the sun is seriously in full swing outside), just had to share their quotation of the week... which I found to be quite funny!

[On a metro train]
Drunk girl, looking at the map: "I only left here last May! Since when did they add a light blue line?

"Her friend: "You mean the river...?"

Ok, so perhaps only funny if you ride the metro in DC and are familiar with the metro map. But as an avid WMATA supporter, that's definitely me and amused I am!

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