Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cyber tag

I got this over on MySpace to post on my blog there. Thought I'd plug it in here... why not? You're supposed to post 5 weird facts/things/habits about yourself. Here goes...
  1. Despite being from Alabama, I've never really used the word "y'all" on a regular basis. Hope you guys will still claim me ;-)
  2. Technically, my undergrad "career" included five universities in three different states and four different majors (three if you don't split international business into business and Spanish)
  3. I can touch my tongue to both my nose and chin.
  4. I usually put milk on my cereal, and then proceed to drain it off the side. I like my cereal "moist", but don't really care for the milk. Random, I know.
  5. At last count, I think I had some 70 Tori Amos CDs.

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  • Out of all those, I think the Tori Amos thing is the weirdest. I didn't know she even had 70 CDs. How can one bitter woman write so many depressing songs?

    By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, At April 18, 2007  

  • Haha well, perhaps I should explain that the bulk of those are live concert CDs. I'm one of those people who have to have the CDs for the shows I attend, as well as a bunch of other random ones. What can I say - I'm a Tori Amos junkie.

    And not all her songs are depressing...

    By Blogger LJ, At April 18, 2007  

  • I think Saturday night at A Night of Mystique, your tongue trick should really be your talent.

    Oh, and not saying y'all is fine. We'll still claim you (though my friends back home in Bama may throw you into the Neil Young category, "Should remember, a Southern man don't need him around anyhow.")

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At April 18, 2007  

  • I now officially know that i can NOT touch my chin OR nose with my tongue.

    By Blogger honeykbee, At April 18, 2007  

  • Sam: I think so too ;-) Especially since I think my room might have eaten that magic trick. Need to rumage around tonight to see...

    Honeykbee: Always good to hear my blog is helping people to discover new things about themselves - haha. I think that's one I discovered from hanging out with guy friends daring me to try. And, now I know (and so do you!)

    By Blogger LJ, At April 18, 2007  

  • I drain off the milk from my cereal, too! Ah. It's nice to know that I'm not completely weird.

    By Blogger Heather, At April 19, 2007  

  • Heather: Perhaps I'm a tad biased, but I'd definitely say not weird! Makes all the sense in the world. Besides, you go through a lot less milk that way than if you drown your cereal. It's economical!

    By Blogger LJ, At April 21, 2007  

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