Wednesday, April 18, 2007

turn your hip hop into wine

Yeah, so hip hop funk last night was a bust. I'd promised MsH that I was in this week, and I was - until it turned out that our teacher had a sprained ankle. Hip hop became kickboxing. Boo. And suddenly I was back in my work attire, bidding MsH adieu, and en route to meet up with the girls at Ella's.

That's the thing about plans. I'm a mega-planner, but those plans are always subject to change. Especially when there's multiple options on the horizon.

I ran into Rio at the metro as I was dashing down to the platform. He was headed home to study, but was luckily going onto the train as I was running down the escalator. I'd deleted the back and forth emailing and was drawing a blank as to where exactly I was headed.

"I'm not staying long," I said.

"Suuuuuuuure..." he said with a knowing smile.

Hmmmm. And, sure enough, he was right.

Mix was back in town for some contracting work this week, so we were getting together to catch up while she was in town these two weeks from Indy. It was us single girls catching up with our friend now newly on the married side of the divide. The numbers amongst my friends used to be slanted towards the single side, but slowly the gals seem to be defecting. Where am I going on Friday? Bachelorette party... need I say more?

We talked a lot about the adjustment from big city life to the slower pace of living in the 'burbs of a slightly smaller metro area. Mix is still trying to find the right job so as she's temping, shes definitely feeling the drastic change of speed.
"We just don't stop here," TxDem said.

"I don't do well with sitting still," I said. "If I'm doing something like watching a movie in my room, I'm doing something else at the same time."

Sometimes the speed is too much - and in thinking about it, I get it when people say the hustle and bustle of the city is too much for them. Some people find it draining - and others, energizing. I love the energy of city streets. The excitement of all of the things to see and do here. Perhaps that's why sometimes I think I'm ruined. I don't know that I can ever go back to a smaller town again. It's kind of like a battery sitting in a camera for years on end... I just might lose my charge.


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