Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i'm not ready to make nice

To: DC DMV, Adjudication Services
From: LJ
Re: Violation P113 ("Inspect No Disp Sticker")

Back on Tuesday, April 3rd I received a ticket for not displaying a zone sticker in my car window. I was parked directly across the street from my residence in the proper zone for my vehicle. I was surprised, as there is a sticker in the front left-hand window of my car, where it has been displayed since I obtained the final zone 6 permit back on January 5, 2007 from the Georgetown Office of the DMV.

Enclosed you will find the receipt for payment of this permit for zone 6. Prior to that time, I had a temporary permit that was displayed on the dash in the same location when my car was initially purchased back in October 2006.

I have enclosed a photocopy of the initial temporary certificate prepared at ___ Honda, as all paperwork was handled by the Business Manager at the dealership initially. Should you need to contact them to verify this process, they can be reached at ____.

I have also enclosed two photos of the vehicle, showing the sticker in the window as it was affixed at the time of the ticket.

I hope this helps to clarify that I am registered to legally park in zone 6 and was not in violation of anything at the time of the ticket. Please let me know if I can further assist in this matter and thank you for your attention.



[And may the best WOman win...]

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