Sunday, May 20, 2007

weekend review: a 3 hour tour...

/Hawaiian punch

Friday was Afterhours at the Hirshhorn. Their Afterhours event always features their newer exhibit, a DJ, a bar, and a full-house (seems to always be sold out). AC said "this is soooo Sex and the City". I must agree (with the exception of the girl wearing the micro-hot pink skirt with black tulle overlay... I don't know what that was about). The exhibit this time was actually photography... works by Wolfgang Tillman.

I was pretty excited to see the photos. It was an interesting exhibition... definitely not my favorite. I was a little surprised my the method the work was displayed, including a lot of simple 4x6 and 5x7 shots, simply taped (gasp) directly to the wall with Scotch tape. Ick. But, that said, I think that was supposed to be part of the theme or spirit the artist was going for. Sort of urban, edgy, with several of the photos seemingly capturing people perhaps after having been out say dancing on the town or something along those lines. However, I think the exhibit would have definitely benefited by the photos having titles. Some photos are strong enough to have somewhat of an interpretation on their own merits. I felt like these shots though needed a little assistance that a title would have lent. I loved AC's comment on one pic. "That guy looks like he has blood running down his body. Blood, slash Hawaiian punch?". Yeah. We didn't know.

Saturday was more of the theme party mania. Can we go to non-themed functions? Nah. The challenge was trying to dress for party #2 without looking too random for party #1. I think we managed to pull it off just fine.

Oh those Havana Hill Nights...
First it was Dr. P and her roommate MD's "patio opening". Thankfully, the weather cooperated. Muchas gracias. It was a Cuban theme. Cuban beats were pumping, Che Guevara was on the laptop slide show, and the mojito magic was cranking at the hands of Dr. P and CK. They were already contemplating the next event, as we looked at the bricks from a bordering rowhouse forming the back wall of their patio area. We have Screen on the Green but what's our answer? Flicks on the Bricks, baby. Someone owns a projector. Can't wait for that.

Like Robinson Ca-rusoe, it's primitive as can be...
From there, it was off to a Gilligan's Island party, which was a farewell celebration for one of their roommates. By the time we arrived, the Island was dying down a bit. We were hoping for there to be some dancing involved, but it wasn't in the cards. The tiki torches were a nice touch, as was the coconut cream pie.

Typical Sunday, Hill-Style

MsH and WT joined Sassy and I back on the Hill (wow, making that two days in a row) for Brunch at Bread and Chocolate. Me to MsH and WT: "Brunch is more enjoyable at Bread and Chocolate if first-timers are told upfront that the place is more about the location, the good food, and the people you are with and that it's most definitely not about the service!". This was further confirmed as the staff proceeded to dump water all over and under the table where we were initially going to be seated. Plan B. I said, "Um, can you put us over there?", pointing to another table. They went over to clean that one, and proceeded to dump milk all over the bench. Argh. Me to the server, "Um, never mind. Can we go back to the initial table? The water seems to have dried?". It was too funny. Well, funny now. Then, it was slightly less funny, with the tiger-like growls my stomach was emitting. Not pretty.

Afterwards, Sassy split off to head on home and MsH, WT, and myself made our way back out to the market. What a perfect day for the market! The first stand we went to indicated that the trip was going to hit the wallet a bit. The dresses we found at forever, Heather were too good to pass up. The self-imposed shoe purchase restriction has now been expanded to include dresses, having purchased two over the course of the weekend. Ooops.

It was great to see all of the community still out at the market in full force. Today was the first time I really took a look at the inside of the market. As I've said before, I'm not too keen on a bunch of photos of it in its current state. What I did love was the beautiful blue sky with a smattering of clouds, and the ray of sunshine coming through the ceiling of the main building. It seemed to radiate the emotion of hope and the spirit of the community. This was a shot I really loved.

Continuous since 1873...

We all picked up t-shirts that are being sold to benefit the Capitol Hill Community Foundation. The shirts are $20 and $14 of the cost go towards this great cause. Read about the shirts here. You can order them online or pick them up Saturday and Sunday at their tent in the market. I believe they are usually in front of Port City Java, close to the intersection of 7th and North Carolina.

Just to note, tomorrow's the next fundraiser - Dining out for Eastern Market. If you haven't checked it out, definitely do so. It's a great cause and perfect opportunity to check out some Hill restaurants you've always meant to visit.

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  • Ah yes, brunch at Bread and Chocolate -- I'm surprised eight people waiting in line didn't knock that woman at the knees and take her seat! No one would have blamed them . . .

    By Blogger kris, At May 21, 2007  

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