Tuesday, May 08, 2007

benefit goes gotham

(... or why Duane Reade is still my boyfriend)

So, after a quick run back to Dr D's, we were back to Manhattan for our evening on the town. She'd got us tickets to see the
closing evening of Jane Eyre. Having never seen an off-Broadway production, it was interesting to see the differences in the presentation styles. The set was much more simplistic, but was still effective. Really glad that Dr D invited me to join in.

From there we headed on over to the benefit.
Red Sky was a pretty cool venue. We had the third floor roof top area reserved, which was nice and open but proved chilly as the temps began to drop. Guess my cap-sleeved new dress didn't help, but it sure looked nice!

Cold and wanting to make a beeline for the dance floor, we ended up crashing the birthday party downstairs. The DJ got us out there with the typical 80s/90s selections that somehow seem to work everytime.

I was making faces at Dr D as I noticed the guy behind me who had been dancing closer, seemingly thinking that was going to get me to talk to him. Do guys really think that's going to get them somewhere? Ok, especially considering obviously dancing is not their forte? Anyhow, another great event for such a great cause.

Being Dr D's last weekend, I wanted to make sure we had a great night. As it started to get really packed, I suggested a change in venue. Once she learned I am into karaoke, we were quick to choose the next stop.

Karaoke 1 at Union Square was a blast. I wish there was somewhere comparable on DC's metro line. Although, perhaps that would be a dangerous thing. There were a few different groups there and can't say I've ever seen NYC so communal. Love it.

I chose to sing "Extraordinary" (Liz Phair), which I learned goes a lot lower than I notice when screaming errr I mean singing over Liz. Dr D picked "Baby One More Time". Ahhh Britney. She proved a crowd pleaser. We ended up there as it became a smaller group, and they'd try to get us to join in on their more soulful selections, such as Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". A bit of selection contrast!

It was rather late as we got off the subway in Flushing. Thankfully, Duane Reade was nearby, since I realized I had $0.50 to my name. Bless you Duane. My cold self and sore blistered feet never loved you so much.

It was way too early when I had to head back into the city for brunch. I met the Master and Suave and crew at
Blue Water Grill in Union Square. Fabulous brunch.

The rest of the day was long... from Manhattan to Long Island and back around the city to DC. I was loving my bed as I crawled in last night close to 11. Such a fun weekend. And now off to love on my bed some more. Batteries still aren't quite fully recharged and ready for the week ahead.

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  • I have to say, waking up after just 4 hours of sleep was NOT fun.....but it was great seeing you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 08, 2007  

  • So good to see you too. What a fun night, even if we weren't a couple of Susy Sunshines come Sunday morning! Can't wait for you to come and visit in DC...

    By Blogger LJ, At May 09, 2007  

  • I wish I could have seen you when you were here. Next time....

    By Anonymous Leslie, At May 15, 2007  

  • I know! I thought of you as we were driving to DC and that in our rush to get over and hit SoHo before coming back in for the evening on Saturday, I'd neglected to coordinate meeting up. Too much to do... too little time. For sure next time!

    By Blogger LJ, At May 15, 2007  

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