Friday, May 25, 2007

momma said knock you out...

So WSC gives you one complimentary session with a personal trainer. Why not. It's only right to take advantage of what's free, right? Perhaps not the smartest decision to do so bright and early at 6:30AM the day following Stang's birthday celebration, but technicalities...

For the first time ever, this morning I boxed. Hmmm interesting. Anyone who knows me probably finds this as amusing as I did. Surprisingly, I found it quite fun. He told me "put some force into it". Hmmm ok. Next go 'round I did, and oooops almost smashed him in the face. His reflexed though passed the test.

Thank goodness we're on the cusp of a long weekend. The weather promises to be good and I'm all about some cooking out. If I'd wanted to, I could be going to a cook-out every single day this weekend. I'm coming close though at two. Should be fun and eventful, of course.

In the interim... tick tock, tick tock... is it time to vamos yet?


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