Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wake me up before you go-go

Three days left. Three days before I walk out of my last day of work to be greeted by a whole new world come Monday morning. A whole new cast of characters.

It's starting to sink in the last couple of days. My office is now barren. No decoration. Super blah. The emails with new requests have died down, replaced with the occasional call or fellow employees stopping by to say they've heard my big news. It is nice to hear all of those positive things people think and never say. Who knew?

This marks the first time I've made a job change 100% because I chose to leave the position/organization itself. In South Florida it wasn't so much the organization but more South Florida itself I was choosing to say hasta luego to.

So what has this whole process meant over the last couple of days? Meant time to go get a new phone (since also come Friday I'll have to part with the organization-issued crackberry). Yesterday it meant downloading way more ringtones than any human-being could ever possibly need, from Skynyrd to Timberlake (gasp - the embarassment) to my favorite SATC ringtone. And way too much time wasted on any and all networking sites.

Take someone used to being busy and give her nothing to do? Um, yeah. She'll go mighty stir-crazy.

But she is looking forward to the self-requested white chocolate mousse cake come Friday. Literally, parting is such *sweet* sorrow ;-)

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