Thursday, July 12, 2007

switch off the preppy

Last night, we were celebrating. WT and AM signed their lease for a place on the Hill. Clearly time to head to our favorite local bright yellow, fruity-themed Mexican joint. Sadly, we learned the main pianist only plays weekends. Clearly, that means that we'll just have to head back again soon.

Today it’s home to pack for my weekend trip. NYC, here I come. My sister’s moved into her new place in the East Village. I cannot wait to check out a new area of NYC… never really hung out in this area. My co-workers were telling me this morning of all of the fun things to see and do (hmmm and the fabulous shopping – dangerous). With my trip to California coming up next week and my move around the corner, I decided to go luxury on this one and opt for Amtrak over Vamoose. A bit more pricey, but I can get some high quality snooze time in this way. Big smile from this direction at that thought.

Tam asked what I wanted to do. Requests include Friday night karaoke (yesssss – love it) and the Sex and the City tour. The tour promises to be cheesy, but we’re gonna love it. I am sad though as I’ve learned today that to my horror Magnolia may be closed down (something about health violations?!?). If so, you can bet we will be souring NYC for a substitution on the cupcake-age.

We’re discussing now though proper attire for the tour, as apparently the attendees dress like their favorite character. I always test out to be Charlotte in those personality profile quizzes, so I’m seeing Charlotte in my future… although dressing as “conservative Charlotte” is not in keeping with the overall recommended attire for the excursion. My mom’s email to me upon helping Tam move was “When you come up here. Think funky and not cutesy or you will stand out too much…”

So, with the exception of our Saturday excursion, consider me taken to Funkytown ;-) That I can do too!

And as a sidenote, I do believe this is post numero doscientos for me. Wow, that's a whole lotta posting...


  • Oh so update on the Magnolia situation from Tam...

    "The health department closed down the magnolia bakery yesterday, because it only had one sink and it was supposed to have at least two. But apparently it's re-opened today. So, never fear!"

    Sweet. Literally.

    By Blogger LJ, At July 12, 2007  

  • Sundress in a dark color and flip flops, possibly with leggings, seems to be the look for weekend nights out in East Village right now. That or trapeze top with skinny jeans. ;)

    Other cupcakes? Try Billy's Bakery. It was fairly similar to Magnolia in my opinion. Enjoy your trip!

    By Anonymous sarah, At July 13, 2007  

  • SO jealous of the SITC tour! Please post pictures!

    I did luck out in that this month I'm staying at the home of an expat who has all six seasons on DVD. In the Congo. :) Have a great trip!

    By Blogger texasinafrica, At July 14, 2007  

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